Comparison between CR-10 Smart and CR-6 SE
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Eight Key Features of CR-10 Smart: 

Built-in WIFI function: Remote control printing anytime, anywhere
Low Power Mode: Safe and worry-free save energy and power
Intelligent Auto-leveling: Instant printing after initial auto-leveling
Dual Z Axes+Dual Diagonal Drawbars: Ensure stable and precise printing
4.3-inch Full-view Touch Screen: Intuitive and easy-to-use
Super Car Design: A combination design of aesthetics and technology
Ultra-silent Design: Mute mainboard/Mute fan Low-noise power supply
Modular Structure: 6-steps to assemble

CR 10 Smart 3d printer review. cr 10smart vs cr 6 se

Is it the same with CR-6 SE? Does it seem look likes the CR-6 SE? Same Auto-leveling way?

What's the difference between CR-10Smart and CR-6 SE? What is the difference between CR-10V2,V3? 

Yes, it is the same leveling way with CR-6 SE. What's a difference or upgraded? 

 Design of the CR-10 Smart
Creality FDM 3D printers usually are old-school in appearance.
Besides the standard CR-10 shape, its design is unlike any other CR-10s that came before. Like the fancy-looking hot end cover and the edgy, geometrical-shaped toolbox. The same as CR-6SE, the front flat design for the gantry looks simple and strong.

Along with the better aesthetical designs, there are many mechanical upgrades in its overall design.

Mechanical Upgrades
The modular structure of the CR-10 Smart allows for efficient packaging and quick assembly out of the box in just six steps. You can finish assembling within 8 minutes. Everything from the power supply unit (PSU), screen, and toolbox is neatly integrated into the base. This makes the machine very compact with a low footprint. In previous versions of the CR-10, the screen and the PSU came combined in a single brick, externally connected to the leading printer. This made wire management a very messy and time-consuming affair and that design compromised safety.

Creality took design inputs from many of its previous printers and used what worked best.
- The integrated toolbox is also seen on the CR-6 SE and Ender-3 V2.
- The side-mounted filament scroll holder is also seen on the CR-6 SE and Ender-3 MAX.
- Dual Z-axis lead screws and two support strut bars, to keep the platform super stable, stiffen the Z-axis motion and eliminate much of the errors due to vibrations.


*Parameter comparison - CR-6 SE, CR-10Smart, CR-10V2, CR-10V3

Product CR-6 SE CR-10 Smart CR-10V2 CR-10 V3
Nozzle Extruder Bowden
 (Modularized extruder)
 (Modularized extruder)
Bowden E3D Direct Drive
Printing Size 235*235*250 300*300*400mm 300*300*400mm
Printing Speed 80~100mm/s 80~100mm/s 30~60mm/s
Leveling Type v2.0 Intelligent Auto-leveling v2.0 Intelligent Auto-leveling Manual leveling
Printing Platform Carborundum Glass Platform Carborundum Glass Platform Carborundum Glass Platform
Extruder Fan Silent  Silent   - 
Motherboard v4.5.2 (32-bit silent board) v4.5.2 (32-bit silent board) v2.5.2 (8-bit silent board)
Stepper Drivers TMC-2225 TMC-2208 TMC-2208
Screen 4.3" inches Touch Screen 4.3" inches Touch Screen 12864LCD Screen (Portable knob)
Power Supply 350W Meanwell
Z-axis screw Dual z-axis Dual z-axis + diagonal drawbars Dual z-axis
Built-in WIFI function no yes no
Filament Sensor yes yes yes
Power off Resume yes yes yes
Automatic Sleep Mode no yes no
Other English/Chinese
Online Printing & SD Card
9 Languages;
WIFI & SD Card
Online Printing & SD Card