What is the 3D FDM Filament?
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The presentation of a perfect 3D printed work relies not only on the stable operation of the 3D printer but is also closely related to the filament used.


3D printers with FDM molding technology are popular among consumers due to factors such as affordability and ease of operation.


Here, we reveal the secret weapon of the highly sought-after Filament!


Suitable for beginners


Simple principle, easy to get started


FDM printing principle: Solid filaments of specific line diameter specifications are extruded through the nozzle by heat melting into a flowing state, while the nozzle builds up and cures layer by layer under the mastery of software slicing algorithm until the whole model is formed.

3D FDM filament

FDM 3D printers are very simple and easy to use and can be the very intuitive interpretation of the "additive manufacturing" layer-by-layer molding method, especially for beginners.


Safe and Environmentally Friendly


Another advantage of FDM 3D printers is that they are environmentally friendly. The most commonly used consumable is PLA (polylactic acid), a new renewable biodegradable material made from starch derived from renewable plant resources (such as corn stalks), making both the printing process and the final product very environmentally friendly.

3d fdm filament

From the perspective of environmental protection and the use of health, FDM 3D printers have become the preferred equipment for primary and secondary schools. As the "vane" of the education equipment industry, our technical team has provided professional equipment and efficient and affordable 3D printing solutions for more than 100 elementary schools, middle schools, and universities since the company was established.


Affordable Price


FDM supplies range in price from $30-$200 and can print in a wide range of sizes. Whether you are a creator, designer, engineer, teacher, factory, etc. you can find the right model for you

3D FDM filament

Outstanding advantages


Creality FDM filaments classification:

3D FDM filament

Among them, materials like PLA, which are not easy to operate and are friendly to novices, have become the preferred filaments for FDM 3D printing. Let's focus on the PLA series as follows.


PLA Advantages




Frosted texture, upgraded formula, stricter quality control, more superior performance:


1. use of imported raw materials from the United States, upgraded formula, more excellent performance.


2. Excellent toughness, repeatedly bending constantly, the finished print is more solid; support easy to peel, the print is delicate.




Conventional models, bright surface, stable supplies: 


1. New imported raw materials, no impurities, smooth printing without head blocking.


2. Excellent toughness, smooth and delicate surface relative to HP printing, more colors to choose from.



Wide range of applications

3D FDM filament




3D printing helps artists transform ideas into tangible works of art. Artists from creative and entertainment domains can truly unleash their imagination to create new and exciting objects. 3D printed art models aim to expand the horizons of design and foster a culture of aesthetic innovation.


Architectural Design:


Using 3D printed buildings allows to quickly create a tangible model. The impact of the physical object is stronger than the visualization on the computer screen.3D printers can create any object for you to convince your client of one or several high-quality models during your pitch.


Cultural relics:


"Thanks to the photographer, we can preserve every artifact in 3D, making it available to researchers and the general public alike." 3D printing uses 3D files to create perfect copies of objects, even re-sizing them if they are too small to see their details properly.




3D printing allows educators to design rich learning experiences with in-depth theoretical structures that take learning from the computer screen into the hands of students. ... The digital 3D world comes alive with 3D printers, which encourage sharing, teamwork, planning, design, and thinking through difficult or complex ideas.


Inspiration at your fingertips


Efficient machine printing, colorful wire selection, to help you "create" the imagination, present the peak of color!


3D FDM filament