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Creality Upgraded Silent Motherboard with TMC2208 Driver for Ender-5 Plus
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Ender-5 Plus
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This option is the separate upgrade for Ender 5 Plus, just plug it in and you could start printing.
Notice: This new upgraded silent mainboard does not currently come pre-installed on Ender 5 Plus V2.2 or V2.2.1 shipped randomly (With the same function, the version number is different).

- Stepper Motor Driver based on TMC2208
- Voltage: Works on 12V and 24V


  • Super Quiet and Noise Reduction: Use TMC2208 Stepper Motor Drivers, which the key component to eliminate the printer's motor when printing.
  • Bootloader pre-installed: The firmware can be modified by ARDUINO or Cura with the USB cable.
  • Concern for safety: Thermal runaway protection is enabled, if the temperature rises out of control, the printer will stop heating and halt automatically.
  • Easy to Operate- Support BL Touch, but need to flash the firmware first. If you need firmware or have any issues please feel free to contact us, we will offer professional technical support for you.

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